Are you looking to celebrate this coming year? Check out our new additions for 2022 that we are offering to help you celebrate!

Dunk Tank

Brand new dunk tank is available now! This unit will provide a ton of fun dunking your friends, boss, or anyone else brave enough to get in the hot seat!

City of Midland gets free delivery!

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Larger Tents!

In 2021 we had so many people ask for larger tents but were constrained by supply shortages. This year we are fixing that by adding a 40×40 tent that can seat up to 160 guests or give you more room to add a dance floor for your event!

We are excited that we can help more people celebrate with larger tents starting now!

More Rental Companies Started Incorporating And Implementing Clean Rentals

We are happy to be the leading pioneer of the Clean Rental Guarantee. Since we started in 2018 we have been guaranteeing our rentals to be wiped and look great for your guests!

In 2021 several other local rental companies have started advertising similar cleaning promises modeled after our own Clean Rental Guarantee. We are very excited to be leading companies to keeping our community sanitary and healthy!

Brand New Chairs

All of our chairs will be either brand new or only one year old for 2022. We mentioned that we guarantee things to be clean right? This is part of making sure your event looks the best it can!



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