What Do I Need To Do To Get ready For Tent Installation?

Tent installation is not what every party planner wants to do. Luckily, we offer free installation and setup with all of our tents and tent packages. You will not have to worry at all with our professional installation which is usually done the day before your event.

“What Do I Need To Do Before Tent Installation?”

  • Make sure your lawn is mowed if setting up on grass
  • Remove any dog poop in and around the setup area
  • Ensure there are no obstacles where the tent will be setup
  • Pay the rental balance to ensure a quick and speedy setup experience
  • Be ready for the installation crew to arrive in the provided timeframe
  • Know where you would prefer the tent to be setup
  • Know where underground gas lines, septic, and sprinkler lines are located
  • If necessary, mark underground lines locations
  • Take care of any bees nests that may be located near the tent location

What If I Am Not Ready When The Team Arrives To Setup?

If you are not present and did not leave a prior location for setup, our team will setup the tent in a location of their best judgement and discretion. Our schedule is efficient to allow us to help as many people celebrate as we can.

If you or your location/venue are not ready for setup when the team arrives, our team may not be able to reschedule setup time and the setup may be postponed until the installation team is next available, an additional charge may apply, or the installation cancelled. Our team will not install tents when there is excessive dog poop at the installation location.



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