There are multiple styles and size tents that you can choose from. This guide will help you pick.

Many people ask us “How do I pick out the right tent?” Whether it is for your annual barbecue or a graduation party, picking the right tent is important to make your event stand out. Following this guide can help you pick out a tent that is perfect for your event.

Frame vs Pole Tents

Pole Tents

Pole Tent secured with ropes and stakes

One of the first and most important things to decide on is whether to get a frame or pole tent. The main difference is that pole tents require ropes tied to stakes in the ground to hold them down and keep them standing. Many people choose pole tents for events where the tent will be in their backyard. They are also quicker to set up than their counterparts. Due to these reasons they are a very popular option for many events.

Frame Tents

A frame tent set up on an asphalt parking lot

On the other hand, frame tents provide a sturdier tent because they have a full metal frame that holds together. They also take longer to set up due to having more parts that need to be fastened together. People choose frame tents when they want to have their party on their driveway or asphalt because the tent can be weighted down instead of requiring stakes. However, they also tend to be more expensive than pole tents because their is more parts involved and they take longer to setup.

Picking the right tent size

Many people ask “How do I pick out the right tent size?” There are many sizes of tents available, and depending on your event you will want a different size.

For example, graduation parties do not need to have enough seating for everyone that will attend because people come and go. They do not stay the entire time. For this reason a tent that accommodates up to half of the total guests is appropriate. The most popular is the diamond package with a 20×20 tent that seats up to 48. For larger parties the platinum package with a 20×40 tent may be more appropriate due to the increased seating it offers for backyard parties. We also offer several larger tents for bigger events. You can find information here.

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