Many Tents use stakes

The majority of tents set up for backyard events use large stakes in the ground to keep the tent steady. Usually where electric and utility lines are located are not an issue. However, if you are the cautious or double checking type it is advantageous to take advantage of a free service to find the locations of these underground lines.

Missdig 811

Call 811 or visit Missdig’s website at least 3 working days before digging to request underground utility lines to be marked. The call and service are free to use courtesy of Consumer’s Energy.

We do not want any mishaps with underground lines

We do not want to use our tent stakes around underground lines. It is up to the client to know where their underground lines are on your property. If contact is made with an underground line we stop immediately. Calling Missdig alleviates any concern for where underground lines are for those who are unsure.

Limitations Of Missdig

Missdig is a fantastic service for marking underground lines. However, they do have a couple of limitations. Missdig does not mark private lines. Your private lines are not monitored or checked by Missdig. Also, Missdig typically only marks utility and power lines coming from the road or main area to the house/garage/barn.



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